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The iPhone XS review: the best iPhone so far, but not for everyone

Apple traditionally alternates major iPhone updates with more minor improvements, and that in 2018 we have access to more frequent iPhone XS after last year’s game-changing iPhone X. I’ve been testing Apple’s new flagship iPhone this past week, here are our thoughts.

iPhone XS review: The best iPhone yet, but not for everyone

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Like the iPhone X before that, and as you would expect from Apple after all these years, the iPhone XS is amazing I put the phone. Display glass back, stainless steel sides feel each level of quality you just don’t get with Google’s Pixel phones.

It may be an almost exact copy of the iPhone X – down to 5.8-inch OLED screen – but there’s really no reason to mess with a winning formula. We can’t take the Apple iPhone X from the sale, while the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 phones are still available because of the differences between the XS and its immediate predecessor is not huge.

On the inside there is a new A12 electronic chips that Apple says is a major upgrade to the A11 last year, especially in terms of graphics and artificial intelligence (I think I recognize faces in the photos, the expense of augmented reality scenes, and so on). We can report that the iPhone XS is actually very fast response, but in the day of the operation speed improvements on the iPhone X is not particularly noticeable.

That may change with better games and more apps appear. With the A12 inside, this is the phone that will lag-free for years.

Something doesn’t feel faster immediately is a face of identity. If you used to open your iPhone X with the face, you’ll notice the difference, even though it’s slight. If you are coming to the destination ID for the first time, you will be impressed with the snappiness.

Dual-lens 12 MP + 12 MP camera gets a slight upgrade too, where the internal optics if the overall megapixel count. The sensor pixel size is larger, which means more light gets in the lens, meaning better photos in difficult lighting conditions. We could not test the phone snaps directly against the iPhone X, but this is the phone that will take some great pictures for you.

And A12 electronic processor helps that too – there are now more behind the scenes processing to get images that look as good as they can be. We were particularly impressed with the details of the phone can be pick out in the night shots with just a little artificial lighting, and perhaps the most difficult scenario camera phone can come across.

You may notice two new antenna lines on the iPhone XS, which amount to improve the LTE upload and download speeds. Add this along with slightly better speakers, better battery management, there are a few reasons to upgrade from iPhone X – though perhaps not enough for most current iPhone X owners.

This is the phone that does everything well. Apps spot quick videos look gorgeous on the OLED screen, audio and video recordings of eye-catching, and is the type of device that you just want to keep it out of your pocket again and again to take another look.

In 0.39 lb (177 g) – this is just a shade heavier than the iPhone X – it feels just the right weight in the hand also, solid without being heavy.

When it comes to battery life, Apple says the iPhone XS should be able to last about 30 minutes more than the iPhone Q – up to 12 hours of web surfing, in other words. We usually scrape through most days with about 10-20% of the battery, so bearing in mind this phone with the new battery over time the battery life should be about par for the course for iPhone: a day use more or less.

Put the phone under extreme pressure with the games, GPS, etc., and you may need to search for the charger by the end of the day – especially when he gets on the phone to a year of work and beyond. It’s one of the few features that are not excellent.

There is wireless charging here, as there was in the past year, in addition to IP68, this means that the phone can be dunked in up to 2 meter of liquid for up to 30 minutes. That’s extra peace of mind if you tend to be clumsy with your iPhone.

Let’s not forget iOS 12, bringing with it improved notification management ways to manage screen time more responsible, nice Memoji gods, additional Siri actions, and more. The upgrade is coming to the entire range of iPhones not just the iPhone XS – you can read more about the program here.

We really should talk about the other iPhone that Apple has launched this year also. The iPhone XS Max matching phone we’ve reviewed here, just with a larger 6.5-inch screen and bigger battery power – if you pay a little more to get more display space.

As for the iPhone XR, industry watchers expect will be the biggest seller this year. Is much less money (starting at US$749 instead of $ 999) on the screen of the LCD instead of the OLED one, the slightest bit of a single-lens rear camera. At 6.1 inches, it hits the sweet spot in terms of screen size also. For A12 electronic processor is inside the iPhone XR as well as the XS phones, it seems like a big deal.

Although we love the iPhone XS a lot we can’t wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, and not with these other two options – if you are already using the iPhone X, there’s probably not enough new stuff to convince you to upgrade.

If you’re not already using the iPhone X, however, then iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR may suit you better, depending on your budget and how much you like the large screen. We thank those who want the best Apple phone on the market plump on the iPhone XS Max, while those who want more of the benefits of the iPhone while also providing a little of the water will settle on the iPhone XR.

That leaves the iPhone XS in the middle, appealing to those who want the best iPhone specs in a smaller form factor, or at the lowest price point – which may not be a whole load of people. There is no doubt that although the iPhone XS is a stunning smartphone that excels in each department.

The phone is now available directly from Apple, silver, grey, or gold. It will cost you $ 999 SIM-free with 64 GB of storage, 1,149 USD with 256GB of storage, and $1,349 with 512 GB of storage. It’s another solid step forward for Apple, but it looks like we will have to wait until next year for some real innovation again.

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