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This dual screen concept connections Windows PC with E-Ink notepad – flange

This dual screen concept splices a Windows PC with an E Ink notepad   The Verge

When I think about the future development of the work in a fraction of the time from now until the inevitable AI automation of all report writing — I’m curious about what will eventually replace the laptop. Google’s Pixel 2 XL since most intents and purposes, seized my professional camera, …

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Should be pro review: double layer tea makes it one of the best Wear OS watches

Ticwatch Pro review: Dual layer screen makes for one of the best Wear OS watches

New should Pro from a Chinese company Mobvoi want to shake the smartwatch scene with a special double-layer display: flips between standard Wear operating system, the plate energy saving tea to use when idle. New Atlas spent the week previous and that’s what we think so far. The star of …

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Google launches security keys to limit your chances of getting hacked

Google launches its own security keys to limit your chances of getting hacked

Two-factor authentication (2FA) since a long time effective protection against account hacking – meaning to be hackers need something else besides the user name and password, typically a code from your phone, access, and today Google is taking the 2FA one step further with security keys. If you set up …

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