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Jack Paul’s racism controversy reveals a flaw in Shane Dawson’s documentary – The Verge

Speaking purely in terms of raw numbers, Shane Dawson eight part documentary on the most notorious YouTuber on this planet has achieved great success in less than 24 hours, the 105-minute epilogue has been watched 10 million times. Some fans, however, have questioned Dawson really held Jack Paul accountable for his seemingly careless treatment of his former colleagues, especially when it came to the racist remarks he did; it’s a criticism that turns one of the series’ biggest — and perhaps identify — vulnerabilities.

At the beginning of the documentary Shane Dawson stating that he wanted to be hardline about Jack Paul. This is important, Dawson suggests, because historically it’s acted more as a friend or confidant not documentary subjects rather than the corresponding, correspondent, or similar party. He decides he can’t deal with Jack Paul — the creator who criticized the performance of dangerous stunts, excessive promotion of goods to a young man influenced by the audience depends on his former teammates in the same way.

“I’m way too nice and too forgiving, very loyal, and I don’t want to do it this time,” Dawson says in the first episode. “I want this time to actually sit in a room with him and be like this is the reason that people don’t like you. This what I did was bad. I want you to tell me why you did it, to be honest about it, and change your life. And expected.'”


Dawson continues to hammer this point throughout his life a series, often playing how difficult it would be to find a good balance between his work as a notary and wants to be nice to sympathize with Jack Paul. When the pair sit a final interview, Dawson goes through a long list of sins that send Jack Paul in a negative light. For each one, Paul explains his thought process and why you did what you did, and for the most part, Dawson doesn’t push back. Instead his responses largely sympathetic with Paul’s feelings, and when you don’t counter them he’s doing it gently and unthreateningly.

For the most part, this type of approach Dawson way process and one that is easy to overlook if we treat the series a piece of entertainment. Even on social media-Dawson fans are in disbelief in how he deals with Paul’s understanding of the racism controversy involving former members of Team 10. Dawson as a result of the generally toothless approach Jake Paul, which have come to define the series, for better or for worse.

Late last year, Spanish YouTubers Ivan Emilio Martinez claimed that their departure from Jack Paul influencer group, because YouTube was to scare them, scare them with more like the destruction of the room. Brothers speak English as a second language, and they created a barrier between them and the rest of Team 10; split regularly widened Paul, who allegedly made racist remarks and fake their background and heritage.


When Dawson this Jack Paul in an interview on YouTube. denies that any physical abuse. All the more it was fake, he says, and he would tell people about it in advance so you are always aware of what might happen. This arrangement was mutual, says Paul, and brothers to tell him in advance of the practical jokes they might pull them also. “My country is the one that uses like minor written,” Paul says.

Dawson just nods. He does not ask Paul if he ever gave the brothers the option to say no, or if they felt pressured to agree to all what’s more, Paul thought, no matter how dangerous, offensive, or uncomfortable. He does, however, ask Paul if he feels their interactions were bad enough to justify the departure of the Twins.

“I think that sometimes there was a language barrier when further away from the camera,” Paul thought. “Sometimes you see them get mad at me, but I always try to fix it.”

Dawson then brings up accusations of racism — the Twins argue that Paul would call them “beaners,” for example — but he immediately couches the criticism by relating Paul’s childhood. Dawson grew up in an environment where everything can fly; if Paul grew up in similar circumstances, that will make it difficult to know when a line has been crossed.


“He was aggressive and crazy jokes,” says Dawson, who came under fire for wearing blackface in the past. “The attack was. And I’m not saying it’s good. I’m not raising my kids this way, especially now. But this is where I came from, right? So when I started YouTube and started telling jokes and started saying things with my friends and things I didn’t know it was so far away.”

Jack Paul takes it, and it turns out that this was the case for him also. He says he fought in the “high school locker-type feelings” in the past. At the same time, in the early shots of her on the vine mocking Chinese accent plays on the screen. The Martinez twins, he explains, came on a team of best friends who treat everything as a joke, where nothing was off limits.

“We were talking about some of the other moms were talking about the sisters, we were discussing each other,” Paul says. “Anything said about me, my family, it was all just a joke … even when we were a joke on the Martinez twins, I think at the time I thought it was funny, but maybe if we look back on it, they said ‘they were like as a racist.'”

Dawson’s insistence on the To Be Loved good regardless of who speaks, highlights the biggest flaw with the documentary

Paul believes that he will the brothers, beaners, but this was a back and forth where as they call it fracking, or stupid white person. “We’d just like, give [the insults] again, bros being bros,” Paul says. “And when they left, I believe they used against the United States. To be like, ‘call us this and that, when the culture was in this house. And they did it to us too.”

Without questioning any of that, Dawson insists that he did not notice this kind of culture when I was visiting home. Just asking if Paul feels he has changed since then.

“One hundred percent, those words didn’t come out of my mouth, because this day I’d be afraid of someone just so you say that I said something bad,” Paul says. “I definitely learned from this situation like everyone else will not mix in the same way. And even they are more may not actually be okay with this environment.”

Mainly thanks to Paul for talking to him about this, Dawson then reassures him that it’s okay to be mad at the Twins for what they said about him.


Paul for his part says he is still in disbelief about the two brothers Team 10 adventure, because he discovered them and taught them English, raise them out of poverty, and transfer them to the moving Times. He claims that they have only accused him of racism because of disagreement would assist their career after leaving the team 10.

“I was the first person she ever even feel comfortable talking in English with” Jake says. “I don’t know. That’s why I’m crazy about it.”

Most independence of the documentary focuses on topics such as Jack, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, but for some, the dilemma with Martinez’s twins taken center stage. #ShaneDawsonisOverParty stated in the Twitter at one point. Now if you’re looking the “Shane Dawson” on the site, and is not very obvious hashtag, but many of the top results reference discussion of racism.

This is a work that wants you to be thinking of Jack Paul

“I’m blocking anyone who still supports Shane Dawson after giving several fucking racist platform” Twitter knows, probably in a reference to Shane Dawson interview with Jeffree Star Beauty YouTube that criticized the use of the word “nigger” in the past.

“Shane Dawson: the defense of the abuser, the defense of racism, which makes pads for all of them, the loss of [sic] no shit when people call him” another tweet reads.

Most of the tweets on the subject, append some kind of video, GIF, or photos that make fun of how Dawson’s excuses, or cash Paul of racism and slurs.

Despite his refusal to apologise for making offensive jokes in the past, it’s undoubtedly a good thing that someone with Jake Paul to now think twice before taking them again. But Dawson’s insistence on the To Be Loved good regardless of who speaks, highlights the biggest flaw with the documentary: even if it’s entertaining and successful, it can not take away in my self-imposed promise to stop being “too good, way too forgiving, so loyal.” Most of all, he wants to have a good time with Jack and Paul Frank to say that at one point during the series. Throughout, Dawson seems more committed to enjoying making wise documentary is to hold Paul accountable.

Spoiler alert: ur family to me now. I love you too, man. ❤ Large https://t.co/lAa6RI1hHb

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) 18 October 2018

This is a work that wants you to be thinking of Jack Paul as much as it is peace that you really want to feel bad Jack Paul — or maybe even give you a The list of reasons to like him. In the end it seems like a glorified public relations stunt that will help the younger Paul brother rehabilitation not unruly image: if Shane Dawson The Witch king of YouTube, like Jack, Paul, then you hate him? No wonder Jack Paul feels comfortable growing revival of his entire brand with the end of the series, when the views of sympathetic viewers flowing his way.

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