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How is acting as Carrie Fisher doll made a career Rogue One Princess Leia – MIT Technology Review

Ingvild Deila was one of the most talked-about roles in the Rouge One: The Star Wars Story, but it was only on screen for 15 seconds. No one even saw her face. They can now claim on the IMDB page that she was Princess Leia.

Photo of Ingvild DeilaJim Kirby, United Kingdom (courtesy of Ingvild Deila)

In fact, she was playing Carrie Fisher to play Princess Leia. It was the body of a human doll behind the digital reconstruction of the 19-year-old Fisher at the end of the film.

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Deila is part of a small group of Representatives who condemn the roles of convergence in Hollywood’s current love lives with progress in the re-establishment of dead stars by using special effects. No ghost acting peers include Danny Chan, who served as the body of mission Bruce Lee in the movie Johnny Walker commercial guy Henry, who “wore” the late Peter Cushing’s face to play Grand Moff Tarkin in the computer.

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Before the Rogue One, Deila biggest role was a small part in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Definitely not a small movie, but you probably don’t remember her character’s global tech hub. To land the role of me, we had to perform two scenes from the original Star Wars. In addition to acting No, I don’t see it in the height, body type and definition Fisher made her the best choice. From then on the work of the incarnation of someone else. “It wasn’t about making my craft,” says Deila. “He was about to copy him in every detail.”

She spent months in the study of Fisher facial expressions standby just seconds on the screen. Deila was our interview clips movie close. So she read Fischer’s biography.

Photo of Ingvild Deila as Princess LeiaPhoto of Ingvild Deila as Princess LeiaRogue One: The Star Wars Story (Behind-the-scenes featurettes) | Lucas film (courtesy of Ingvild Deila)

When it came to the role itself, she spent three days in the studio to get scanned by Industrial Light and magic, and one only. To create clear visual effects gurus showed her a picture of Fisher that has a tradition. Hundreds of lights were then flashed around to capture detailed images of her face in a variety of lighting conditions. This survey serves as the basis on which Fisher’s 19-year-old’s face was overlaid on the final scene. “It was very strange. I can say that I am, but it’s also definitely not me.” “It’s hard to describe this feeling. You now can see a little of what you feel with apps like Snapchat where you can put layers, swap faces.”

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Fisher is shown on the final product before the show and approved of the results. Unfortunately she died just weeks after the movie release.

For some, the ghost acting is fraught with moral questions. Deila says he’s not sure whether he can go through with the role if Fisher had died before filming. Someone brought up on the screen strikes no more ethically questionable with actors that died more than a person twice years earlier. “You only did that if she knew the family was okay with it.”

Rogue One: The Star Wars Story | Lucas film (courtesy of Ingvild Deila)

Nearly two years, although it was the smallest role of her career in terms of screen time and still what is the best known. Those 15 seconds to open doors for her, helping her land bigger roles. She shows up with her face—in the upcoming film called Escape from Brazil. Ghost On behalf of Fisher as its thrown in the science fiction and comic convention scene be invited to attend the conferences in Europe and South America.

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She said she will be happy to reprise the role with the blessing of the Fisher family—the story required. “It’s a bit like back in the day when there was a king or a queen. It was the role that must be filled,” says Deila. “You don’t have personal ownership of the role. I knew from day one was the freedom to change anything they want. I was just the vessel.”

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