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Google launches security keys to limit your chances of getting hacked

Two-factor authentication (2FA) since a long time effective protection against account hacking – meaning to be hackers need something else besides the user name and password, typically a code from your phone, access, and today Google is taking the 2FA one step further with security keys.

If you set up 2FA on your social networking accounts or your Google account or Apple IDs, you may be familiar with the process of entering a code sent via SMS or by the source application. Security keys replace that code with additional physical needs to be connected to your pc during the logon process.


There is always a chance of losing your key, of course, in this case you will need to set the backup method to login to your account again (like an e-mail message is a separate account). In theory though the method is more secure than text or application code, because those codes can be more easily intercepted.

What’s more, security keys like the new ones revealed by Google can work without network and without battery power, which is useful for people on the go.

Google’s new product called Titan Security Key. Matching with existing 2FA standards, it’s either the USB stick for laptops and desktop computers, or Bluetooth dongle to connect up to mobile devices.

“I have long advocated the use of security keys as the strongest design resistance factor authentication high value users, in particular the cloud management protection against the potentially harmful consequences of account theft,” says Google’s Jennifer Lin in a blog post.

Security keys as part of 2FA is not new, you can log in to sites like Gmail and Facebook with the keys from the likes of Yubico. That Google is now in the making of their products and emphasizes how insurance companies think that they can be, when used correctly.

Earlier this week, Google unveiled their employees be required to use the security keys since the beginning of the year 2017, reduce the number of successful phishing attacks to zero at the current time. Even if hackers get user names and passwords, they can’t access to any accounts without the physical key.

Google provides them with the cloud business the customers first, but he says it will go on sale on Friday through the Google Play Store in the near future. The prices will be in the region of US $ 20-25 for one key or $50 for both USB and Bluetooth models, CNET reports.

It’s definitely worth a few minutes of this, the keys must be to maintain your accounts protected better, if you buy from Google or invest in a third party Alternative. However, the account itself also needs to support security access key: the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox already do.

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