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Export innovative devices and the app combos shake up Macworld/iWorld

The days when the old Macworld Expo hosts a ton of cameras from the major companies such as canon and Nikon are long gone. However, exhibitors at this year’s Macworld/iWorld previewed several intriguing new variations on the imaging theme for the consumer and prosumer markets. Everything will ship soon.

Simplicam with Closeli

ArcSoft, familiar to most photo nerds the company behind software like PhotoStudio, photo+, Panorama Maker, and the recently released Perfect365, debuted Simplicam a Wi-Fi video monitoring device from which you can view what is happening at home remotely from your smart phone.

Do you like good tools?

Those sweet Cool Tools?


Camera that can record HD video in 720p and features easy setup, night vision with enhanced low-light contrast, a way to schedule recordings remotely, and two-way talk.

simplicamSiimplicam monitors your home while you are away.

With Simplicam, you can greet the kids when they come home from school and tell your cat to quit eating plants (though Simplicam does not guarantee that the cat or your kids for that matter—follow-up orders).

The device works in conjunction with Closeli, an app that works with both iOS and Android phones and tablets. It also provides a video recording service that you can subscribe for $50-$229 per annum.

Closeli’s advanced options include built-in face tracking technology that lets you watch for specific people or animals and alerts that monitor noise or Motion. Optional registration service enables you to archive, record and share Simplicam videos with friends, family or, if necessary, the police.

Simplicam is available to preorder now for $ 150.

➤ Simplicam

The Flir One

FLIRONE ViewAHeat sensed by an infrared camera can be precisely measured.

How many times have you almost broken your neck falling into a pitch black hole people unfamiliar campground at night, or seemed to have lost your cat in the dark recesses of your basement or garage, or suspect there may be a leak behind the wall?

These are not trick questions, but the word on the usefulness of certain technologies thermal vision on your iPhone, for example—that you might not think that actually comes in handy.

The Flir One is an infrared camera that is attached to the back of the iPhone 5 or 5S. When used with the companion app, it translates thermal energy into real time color images that will let you identify obstacles and danger spots in the dark.

The Flir One has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of infrared technology, so these people know what they’re doing. Product scheduled to ship June for $349 and is currently available on preorder.

➤ The Flir One


Petcube lets you watch and even play with your furry friend from anywhere. Cube four inches square, made of aluminum and glass, is a stylish design to add to your house, complete with customizable skins to fit your decor.

The cube contains a wide-angle camera which can stream HD Video, safe, low intensity laser pointer on a movable platform, microphone and speakers. The iOS companion app facilitates interactive video game play. And of course you can share cute photos and videos with your friends. You can even give a shout out to Fido or Fluffy to make sure they’re okay.

PetcubePlay games and talk to your pet remotely.

A social component lets you to interact with the network of other Cube owners so you can play with other pets, follow your favorite petcubes, or share them with friends, family and even your friend won’t get lonely while I was at work.

Petcube is available for preorder now for $199, and will ship in May.

➤ Petcube

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