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Twitter.com now supports emoji characters

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the difference. Along these lines, Twitter has begun showing emoji characters small cartoon-like figures most often used when typing on a mobile device — on the main Twitter.com site. This nice little development for those of us who use Twitter on …

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Microsoft shows Windows Phone 8.1 Enterprise features

At the build 2014 conference today, Microsoft highlighted the new enterprise features in Windows Phone 8.1. They include support for enterprise VPN, S/MIME encryption and new mobile device management (MDM). Nick Hedderman, Global Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, showed off each of the three on the fly. The first was …

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The color that you should use your code?

Blue is the most common favorite color in the world, which is why a lot of companies to use these logos and mobile app icons. However, by choosing a blue initial color brands, many small companies at risk of literally blending in with the competition. This became blatantly clear to …

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Cambodia gets Google Street View

Cambodia Gets Google Street View

Google is revving up camera-laden cars in Cambodia after the internet giant announced country in South East Asia as the latest expansion of Google Maps Street View feature. Cambodia becomes the 51st Country in the world to adopt the view of the street, like many others, tourism is among the …

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Church to close Ubuntu one file services

With the increasing competition from the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive, canonical today announced the fall of “Free Storage Wars” shutting down Ubuntu one file services. Church: he said continue to offer Ubuntu One “on a global scale”, this project requires additional investment simply was not in …

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Kodak moments HD release for the iPad

Adding that the current version for iPhone, Kodak Alaris – or ‘Kodak’ to you and me – has launched a new incarnation of the Moments app specifically for iPads. But unfortunately it seems that the United States just yet. Kodak moments HD app is all about helping you to create, …

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