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Cambodia gets Google Street View

Google is revving up camera-laden cars in Cambodia after the internet giant announced country in South East Asia as the latest expansion of Google Maps Street View feature.

Cambodia becomes the 51st Country in the world to adopt the view of the street, like many others, tourism is among the driving factors. Google says it is working closely with the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, APSARA Authority (ANA) and the Phnom Penh Municipality to make the program happen.

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Street View cars started whizzing around the capital, Phnom Penh image capture, as is common with the Street View project will be expanded to the other cities and towns and areas that interest you through “the next few years.”

Culture, women will be eager to hear that Google is fast-tracking the Angkor Wat archaeological site. The company has sent a Street View Trekker team to photograph the historic temple site in all its beauty.

We can expect to see the website set in a similar way to how Google provides 360 degree panoramic views of the prominent heritage sites, such as Japan’s Mount Fuji, which went online yesterday.


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Governments fear privacy and registration issues around street view and Google Maps, but today many of the welcome service as an opportunity to promote awareness of their country to potential tourists all over the world. Challenge along those lines, Cambodia’s Minister of Tourism Dr. Thong Khon said:

Google Maps technology will offer various benefits and help us to continue to offer all of our country’s culture with the world. Through this partnership with Google’s ongoing ‘Kingdom of Wonders’ campaign, we hope to involve more people, whether local or global, experiencing Cambodia in a new way.

Now the program is a work in progress, but pictures will soon become available in the maps.google.com.kh.

The Street View project is at work or completed in a number of Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Thailand and Bhutan.

Images courtesy of Google

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